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One of the fastest growing project delivery systems is Construction Management.  Brewer Construction's approach to Construction Management is to build a relationship with the owner first.  We want to become acquainted with the owner's needs, wants, and desires.  By building a relationship first we gain a better understanding of how to better serve the owner.

When you choose Brewer Construction as your Construction Manager, we act as your agent from start to finish of the construction project.  We offer Pre-Construction services to work with the Architect to help design a project to fit you and to establish realistic budgets and timelines.  Brewer Construction provides management of the entire project from bidding to completion.  We manage every aspect of the project from the site to all the paperwork required.  We take the burden of a construction project off the owner.  

Our approach to design-build is to assemble a team of individuals that best meet the needs of the owner in the most practical and inexpensive way.  We have the resources to design smaller projects within the company or we have connections with several architects who we can team up with on larger projects. 

The purpose of design-build on a construction project is to simplify and speed up the construction process for the owner. Instead of an Architect and a Contractor involved there is only the Design Builder.   The owner works directly with us and allows Brewer Construction complete responsibility for the project, from design conception, to construction documents, to construction, to completion.    

General Contracting is one of the Original Project Delivery Methods. Most companies are founded on this construction delivery method. Typically a general contractor will come onto the project team after the owner and architect have finalized the design of the project. We review the construction documents and submit a proposal and a time frame to complete the project for the owner, per all the expectations set forth by the owner and Architect in the construction documents. Brewer Construction is committed to working tirelessly with the Owner to establish a relationship of trust and honesty, to complete the project to the satisfaction of the needs of everyone involved.

Often the largest financial risk individuals and companies take on is the construction of their facilities.  It is helpful to have an experience contractor to turn to for advice.  Brewer Construction offers consulting services on any size constructing job.  Feel free to call anytime and one of our experienced project managers would be happy to meet with you.

One of the services that makes Brewer Construction unique is our ability to self-perform work within our own projects.  Originally based in the agricultural industry, Brewer Construction once erected Butler grain bins and farmstead buildings.  We have gained from our past experience and grown into a company that can tackle any size or shape of pre-engineered metal building.  Whether it is a large warehouse, a large clear span gymnasium, an elaborate church, or a backyard shop, we have the capabilities and knowledge to erect any pre-engineered metal building.   

We are also able to self-perform our own concrete finishing.  We have the concrete experience to perform small integral concrete pours to large slabs-on-grade.   

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